Who is the Prince of Cricket

Who is the Prince of Cricket

Because Shubman is dating Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of the Little Master “Sachin Tendulkar,” also known as the God of Cricket, Shubman Gill is referred to as the Prince of Cricket.

Gill became famous for his exceptional batting in the 2023 Edition of the Indian Premier League; he got selected for the National team, making his impact on the Indian Cricket Team. Shubman Gill was selected for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup, where he scored magnificently at home ground.

For various reasons, this handsome lad is known as the prince of Indian cricketer which we surely get in detail below.

Who is the Prince of Cricket?

Shubman Gill is regarded as the Prince of Indian Cricket for his skillful batting talent technique. He earned this title after batting magnificently in the IPL – Indian Premier League 2023 edition. With his stylish looks and great physique, the title of Prince suits him as well.

Everything You need to Know About Shubman Gill

Shubman Gill, the young Indian cricketer who has taken the cricket world by storm with his elegant batting and exceptional talent, boasts a journey as fascinating as his cover drives. This blog takes you through the formative years of Shubman Gill, exploring his early life, education, family ties, and the beginnings of his remarkable cricketing career.

Shubman Gill, hailing from a Punjabi Sikh family, was born on September 8, 1999, in the rural town of Fazilka, Punjab. Cricket wasn’t just a sport in his life; it was a thread woven into the fabric of his existence.

His father, Lakhwinder Singh, a farmer who harbored an unfulfilled dream of playing cricket, recognized his son’s talent at a tender age. It ignited a spark to propel young Shubman onto the path of cricketing glory.

Family Background

Shubman’s family played a pivotal role in nurturing his talent. His father, recognizing the limitations of a village environment, made a crucial decision. He moved the family to Mohali, near the Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) Stadium, to provide Shubman with professional training and better cricketing facilities. This sacrifice paved the way for Shubman’s cricketing aspirations to blossom.

Shaping the Young Batsman

Shubman’s early cricketing journey began on the farm he called home. His father, ever the supportive force, created a makeshift cricket ground where Shubman honed his skills against local boys.

He also received initial coaching from his school, further igniting his passion for the game. Recognizing his potential, his family enrolled him at the PCA Academy, where he received formal training under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches.


Balancing academics with the demands of a budding cricketing career can be challenging. While details about Shubman’s specific educational qualifications are limited, it’s known that he passed his matriculation exams from the Manav Mangal Smart School in Mohali.

As his cricketing career took flight, particularly with his inclusion in the U-19 team at a young age, dedicating extensive time to formal education became difficult. However, his focus on honing his cricketing skills paid off, paving the way for a bright future in the sport.

Shubman, blessed with a supportive family, has a cherished bond with his elder sister, Shahneel Gill. While details about her life are private, it’s known that she is a source of constant support and encouragement for Shubman. Their close-knit relationship speaks volumes about the importance of family in shaping individual success stories.

Shubman’s talent wasn’t long in catching the eye of the cricketing world. At 14, he announced his arrival on the big stage with a double century on his U-16 debut for Punjab in the Vijay Merchant Trophy. It was just the beginning of a string of impressive performances.

In 2014, he scored 351 runs in the Punjab Inter-District U-16 competition and even shared a record-breaking opening partnership of 587 runs with his teammate. These early exploits showcased his exceptional talent and made him a future star.

From U-19 Glory to the IPL

Shubman’s consistent performances at the youth level propelled him to the prestigious U-19 World Cup in 2018. As the vice-captain of the Indian team, he played a crucial role in their victory, scoring over 400 runs throughout the tournament. This impressive performance caught the attention of the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises, and the Kolkata Knight Riders subsequently signed him for a whopping ₹1.8 crore.

A Career on the Rise

Since his IPL debut, Shubman Gill has steadily climbed the ladder of cricketing success. He has become a regular feature in the IPL and earned his place in the Indian national team across various formats. His elegant batting style, maturity, and temperament have garnered him praise from fans and cricketing legends alike.

Future of Cricket

The Prince of Indian Cricket, Shubman Gill’s cricketing journey is still developing, yet his achievements hold immense promise for the future. As he continues to hone his skills and gain experience, the cricketing world eagerly awaits his contribution to Indian cricket in the future. His story inspires aspiring young cricketers, showcasing the power of dedication, family support, and unwavering passion in achieving one’s dreams.

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